Branch of OJSC "Volgomost" Volgoproektstroymost design department

Branch of OJSC "Volgomost" Volgoproektstroymost design department
Address: 112 Michurina Street, the city of Saratov, 410028
Tel: (8452)23-53-44, (8452)23-03-67

Head: Valery Anatolyevich Kotov
Location: the city of Saratov

The branch of the "Volgomost" company, the Volgoproektstroymost design department (DD VPSM for short), was established in 1993 as a branch of the construction department of the Bridge Construction Crew No. 3 and the Saratov branch of the Giprostroymost institute.

The Volgoproektstroymost design department focuses on:

- production of design documentation initializing process design of transport projects, including highly hazardous, technologically difficult and unique projects of major construction work (bridges, overpasses, viaducts, overhead roads, pedestrian overpasses across water or railroad courses) and hydrotechnical constructions of natural responsibility;

- production of design documentation on the technologies of new construction, reconstruction, major repairs and renewal of bridges and other man-made structures, as well as the production of design documentation for construction organization plans (COP), production plans for work with hoisting machinery (PPWHM), projects of complex support structures and bridge construction equipment (CSSBCE), the production of detailed engineering documentation for all technological stages of the construction manufacturing of bridges, analysis of the technological conditions of bridges and other design projects in accordance with the present work clearance certificate that influence the safety of major construction work projects.

The activities of the Branch are monitored by the Branch Head who is appointed by the Company’s Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Director General, and who acts on the basis of the power of attorney.

The Branch, being a structural subdivision of the Company, is not a legal entity, and acts on the basis of the Regulation, which is approved by the Board of Directors. The Branch operates on behalf of the Company, the Company is responsible for its business matters. The Branch has its own seal, stamps and forms with its own name, and name and emblem of the Company.

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