OJSC "Volgomost" possesses a modern mobile reserve of both Russian and international leading manufacturers that allows the company to execute various jobs at various construction sites. The reserve consists of equipment of various models and modification, the total amount of which amounts to 1500 units:
-   Boring machines (Liebherr, Nippon Sharyo, Bauer, KATO)
-   Tracked cranes (HITACHI SUMITOMO, QUI 100, Liebherr, Kobelco, KS, DEK, RDK, SKG)
-   Mobile cranes on special chassis (TEPEX-DEMAG, KATO, KS, Liebherr, LT)
-   Cranes on vehicle chassis (KS, KSHT, MKAT, MKTB, SKAT)
-   Excavators (Doosan Solar, EO and others)
-   Pile drivers (Nippon-Sharyo, SP)
-   Bulldozers
-   Concrete pumps
-   In-transit mixers
-   Dump trucks (CAMC HN)
-   Tractor units (SCANIA, ISUZU)
-   Welding equipment
-   Hoisting jacks
-   Pumping stations
-   Compressors
-   Silent pile drivers (PVE, ZERO)
-   Front-end loaders
-   Aerial-work platforms
-   Electrical power plants
-   Buses

 "Volgomost" also has its own inland navigation system. In order to execute projects on water, the company uses the following watercrafts:

-   Motorships
-   Pusher-tug (Shlyuzovoy-80)
-   Guard ships
-   Barge for deck cargo with a lifting capacity of 200-1000 tons
-   Crane boats with a lifting capacity of 16-25 tons
-   Jack-up platforms