Company activities

OJSC "Volgomost" is one of the leaders in Russian construction and design of bridges and roads. The company plays a special role in the construction of unique exterior and technologically challenging bridges over major rivers and reservoirs, thanks to the company’s signature technology in the construction of pole basements and the installation of steel superstructures with a free span up to 220 meters.

"Volgomost" specializes in:

I. Bridges. Design and construction, as well as exterior, technologically challenging motorway and railroad bridges, overhead roads, overpasses, interchanges, pedestrian overpasses, transport and pedestrian tunnels.

II. Roads. Aerodromes. Construction, reconstruction, major repairs and maintenance of motorways on a key ready basis:
- document production in engineering;
- land-use planning;
- document production in territory planification;
- preparation of construction ground.

III. Design. Project design and exploratory work:

All stages of design and budget documentation of transport and hydrotechnical structures – techno-economic conditions, project and engineering documentation, production planning, complex support structures and equipment.

IV. Industrial and hydrotechnical construction.

- the construction of embankments, docks;
- the erection of landslide protection, coast-protection, and regulation structures;
- the construction of residential and industrial units.

V. Manufacturing of building structures.

- the manufacturing and installation of reinforced concrete and steel structures, as well as the manufacturing and installation of industrial equipment;
- the manufacturing and installation of support structures, able to support up to 3000 tons;
- the manufacturing of expansion dams.

Volgomost is significantly different from all its competitors. The enterprise utilizes unique signature technologies that reduce the duration of construction projects and achieve the maximum economic effect, which is supported by the company’s various patents, certificates and awards, which were granted by the Russian Federation government in the field of science and technology. Another characteristic trait of the company is its mobility, as well as the ability to focus the work load on major projects. The company works with design organizations, collaborates with committee of transport infrastructure, constructing projects on a key ready basis and engaging in issues of accessibility and pavement.

The company is a member of the AMOST foundation of Russia, the International Association for Bridges and Constructions (IABC) and the Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers of the CIS.