OJSC "Volgomost" gives great consideration to development and introduction of new and effective methods of construction. The Company experts, together with designers, are constantly perfecting their constructive and technological methods concerning erection of outer bridge structures (support structures, superstructures etc.). In so doing, the company produces methods and technologies, which are unique not only in Russia, but in the whole world, and these methods and technologies are protected by patents of the Russian Federation. The Company has vast experience in construction of foundations in deep-water rivers and superstructures of long lengths.

Among Volgomost’s innovative bridge construction methods and technologies are:

1)  Construction of foundations, primary structures and support structures themselves with jack-up platforms of the ПМК model;
2)  New construction of bridge support structures with anti-freeze coating (AFC);
3)  Echo-sounder monitoring of the cavity, produced by construction of bridge support structure foundations;
4)  Erection of superstructures with a span of over 100 meters (126 m, 155 m, 157 m) by method of protrusion with erection of temporary support structures with the use of the special strut-bracing system;
5)  Monitoring of the protrusion process during erection of superstructures with automatic control of the protrusion process;
6)  Development and implementation of the bench-test method of erection (lifting) of superstructures of large weight at a height of 40-60 meters;
7)  Use of modern constructions of expansion joints and bearings, the construction of special bridge junctions with approaches;
8)  Use of new bridge structure anti-corrosion systems and modern methods of their application;
9)  Monitoring of the employed constructions of road pavement, expansion joints, bearings, anti-corrosion systems with their performance analysis;
10) Use of new constructions of sound barriers;
11) Use of new types of lighting poles on bridge structures;
12) Method of constructing vibration wind dampers (using the example of the bridge over the Volga river in the city of Volgograd);
13) Monitoring and analyzing the deflection of beams, the amplitude of aerodynamically-forced vibrations of bridge superstructures against wind pressure;
14) Development and usage of a new type of road pavement on bridge structures with the use of polymer asphalt.