"Volgomost" has completed the construction of Olympic facilities

"Volgomost" has completed the construction of Olympic facilities 20.08.2013

20.08. 2013 a new bridge over the river Sochi received a positive assessment of the State Commission. Highway bridge across the river Sochi included in the program of construction of Olympic facilities and development of the city as a mountain resort. Combining II and III Kurortny Avenue, it is an important part of the transport infrastructure of the Olympic city of Sochi.

The object is a 4-band 245 meters long bridge, estimated speed - 75 km / h, from the residential development set translucent acoustic screens on each side rehabilitated pavements. Also for the convenience of residents and guests on the lower level built footbridge equipped with ramps.

"The bridge piers have individual design feature - pedestrian zones are within the highway bridge supports. Of all transport transitions Kurortny Avenue similar design is realized only in the construction of a bridge across the river Sochi" - says the head of the industrial engineering department of Mostootryad № 131 (the branch-office)  of "Volgomost" Mikhail Bezrukov. - "The pillars themselves have an unusual shape - they are a continuation of the existing foundation embankment wall and upper bounds, expanding gradually become parallel to the direction of the main beams of the bridge."

Architectural expression of the entire object is achieved by the installation of intermediate supports lung arch metal pylons, to which is attached a decorative rope. All this gives the construction of an unusual image of the "hanging" of the bridge. When designing a special attention paid to the coverage - except for basic outdoor lighting an extra decorative lighting.

"Construction of the Olympic infrastructure has always been a priority for us. Completed projects should serve not only in the days of competition, but long to please citizens and guests of the city," - said General Director of JSC "Volgomost" Edward Jelieskin - "We have made every effort to meet adequately the Russian participants and spectators from all over the Olympics world. Only wish our athletes numerous victories."

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