The Governor of Saratov Region and the Regional Duma faction leaders visited the construction site of "Volgomost"

The Governor of Saratov Region and the Regional Duma faction leaders visited the construction site of "Volgomost" 26.11.2013

November 25, 2013 the leaders of the factions of the Saratov Regional Duma Vladimir Kapkaev, Zinaida Samsonova and Sergey Afanasiev, together with Governor Valery Radaev acquainted with  the construction of the airport in the village Saburovka.

During the exit meeting participants visited the construction site control tower, where now there is a device basement concreted portion of the paved runway, as well acquainted with the process of compacting gravel and laying lean concrete at the base of the paved runway.

"At present, work is underway on the device runway with Rainwater drainage network, the foundation control tower, patrol roads, laid cables 10 kV power supply, installed a fence around the future of the airfield. It is now 2650 meters runway are in various stages of readiness. Work performed by the company OJSC " Volgomost " go to the schedule and should be completed in 2015", Sergei Degtev said - the Head of the representation of OJSC "Volgomost" on construction of "Airport".

The meeting also discussed the issue of access roads to the airport complex. Now, a draft two options entrance: northern approach (50 km from the center of Saratov ) and south (35 km). The cost of each is estimated at approximately 3.4 billion rubles.

Valery Radaev stressed that Saratov airport is being built in the "open field" - this is the first project in Russia over the past 20 years. In some regions underwent a complete renovation of existing airports, but such large-scale construction was not yet anywhere.

At the end of the event deputies praised the results of the future airport construction, and also noted that a new modern airport in the area Saburovka - the largest investment project in the Saratov region, the implementation of which will give a new impetus to the development of transport infrastructure and economy of the region, will increase its investment attractiveness .

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