OJSC "Volgomost": results 2013

OJSC "Volgomost": results 2013 30.12.2013

New Year 2014 OJSC "Volgomost" meets the new labor achievements and economic success.

In the past year were commissioned bridge over the river Vyatka in the Republic of Tatarstan, bypassing Beslan, a bridge over the river Talovaya in the Astrakhan region, completed the construction of Olympic facilities - transport two-level interchange "Airport" and a road bridge in the Central District of Sochi. A New Year's Eve in the Ulyanovsk region has opened a new bridge over the river Sura. Specialists of "Volgomost" active construction at many sites throughout Central Russia, launched projects in the Moscow area. To date, the company's contract portfolio includes more than 20 facilities located in various regions of the country.

The Record high of 25.5 billion rubles  reached in 2013, the company's revenue. For comparison: in 2012 it amounted to 15.3 billion rubles. And over the past four years, revenues increased approximately five times!

One of the priority directions of development of "Volgomost" – is  increasing  technical  equipment. In recent years, the road construction works are growing steadily, so the quality of work performed and materials used under the special attention of specialists. Helps them in this new road laboratory based mobile container - laboratory designed to provide timely control road works during the construction and repair of roads. This is one of the most modern, technologically equipped laboratories using road, which may carry out a comprehensive input control of the materials used, as well as more closely oversee the work of contractors. Due to the increasing activities of "Volgomost" plans to acquire more such laboratories.

As part of the strategy to expand the geography of OJSC "Volgomost" actively participates in the implementation of construction projects of various regions, including Moscow.

OJSC "Volgomost" won the open competition for works on construction and reconstruction of roads in the Moscow region, such as:
- Reconstruction of the road through a large ring of Muscovy Dmitrov, Sergiev Posad, Orekhovo- Voskresensk, Mihnevo Balabanovo, Ruza, Wedge ( with access to the State Complex "Tarussa" and passages on its territory). Construction of the overpass on the highway Moscow large ring through Dmitrov, Sergiev Posad, Orekhovo - Voskresensk, Mihnevo Balabanovo, Ruza, Wedge ( with access to the State Complex "Tarussa" and passages on its territory ) per km 2 area of the Minsk highway to Volokolamsk highway, Moscow region"
- Reconstruction of the road from Kiev highway to the Kaluga road ( village Salarevo - Mamyrov village.

Due to the necessity of fulfillment of obligations under these contracts of "Volgomost" plans as soon as possible to acquire ownership of the production facilities in the Moscow region.

The priority tasks of "Volgomost" in 2014 are:
- Growth in jobs and market share;
- Improving the general contractor competence;
- The development of its own production facilities in major regions of the construction.

Also, responding to the words  of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on elimination of capital from offshore economy  - OJSC "Volgomost" takes action to transfer ownership of shares in Russian jurisdiction as for example KamAZ, RusHydro and Rusal.

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