Bridge over SAKMAR-River: the final stage of sliding

Bridge over SAKMAR-River: the final stage of sliding 16.01.2014

Longitudinal sliding superstructures specialists of OJSC "Volgomost" carried out from the left side - the river bed is covered uncut composite superstructure and concrete span mating scheme 2x24+63,6+84,0+63,6+2x24 m.

Are actively working on the right bank Sakmara - builders are bored piles supporting device number 2, and for the construction of bolt support specialists Mostootryad number 3 number 56 of "Volgomost" began dismantling the old bridge. Complete the process of sliding planned before the end of January. By the end of this most critical stage of construction readiness bridge will be 50%. The next stage of construction will be the construction of the bridge deck: mounting plates roadway, installation and concreting beams span, building insulation and protective structures.

By the construction of a new bridge specialists holding "Volgomost" started in June 2013. The new bridge will be wider than the existing - the project has 4 lanes, roadway width of 11.5 m, with each side equipped sidewalk width of 1.5 meters. The total length of transport crossing under construction - about 1.2 km, of which 315 meters - the length of the bridge. Driving on it is scheduled to open before the contract period - autumn 2014.

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