OJSC "Volgomost" presented a unique experience in the Estonian construction

OJSC "Volgomost" presented a unique experience in the Estonian construction 17.02.2014

February 13-15, 2014 "Volgomost" visited  Estonia Republic, where they represented the Estonian colleagues extracurricular experience in construction of transport infrastructure in Russia.

During the visit, the delegation of  "Volgomost"  and  Estonian experts inspected built a new part of the track and artificial structures on the Tallinn - Tartu. The cost of building a new section of track was 70 million Euros. Transport  facilities  were fully  computerised. Total new pilot line includes 13 artificial structures - are bridges, viaducts, footbridges. Among them are the first in Estonia "ekoduk" - a special viaduct for animals. These viaducts are built to maximize the animals could safely cross the roadway. Specialists of "Volgomost" highly professional assessment of the quality of transport facilities built in Estonia.

During a business trip as a conference devoted to the exchange of experiences with the Estonian construction specialists.
The event was opened CEO of "Volgomost" Edward Jelieskin. He presented the company "Volgomost" conference participants - spoke about the history, merits and achievements of the holding. The event continued with the performance of a board member «Zenith Capital Management Ltd» Anton Hans about the economic situation, the benefits of the business and financial environment for business in Estonia. Staff at Tallinn University of Technology told the participants and guests of the event on the lines of research in road construction. Estonian colleagues also spoke about the project "Smart Road", the conditions of participation in tenders for the construction of roads and bridges.

The main part of a business event was devoted to the presentation of the experience "Volgomost". Professionals holding report reflect different aspects of the implementation of infrastructure projects. Deputy General Director of OJSC "Volgomost" on investments and loans Igor Chagaev briefed the participants about the benefits of public-private partnership in investment projects in Russia. Mostootryad leaders, production and design departments of "Volgomost" presented a unique experience in the construction of extra-curricular transportation structures - bridges, overpasses, road junctions. In particular, the head Mostootryad number 131 Kokoshnik Alex talked about the features of the project of building a bridge over the Volga River in Ulyanovsk, as well as the unique lifting technology superstructures weighing 4,000 tons to a height of 60 m. Big in his reports Russian bridge-builders on innovative technological solutions implemented during the construction of unique bridges. The conference also made heads Mostootryad Anton Gur'yanov Yuri Slepov Alexander Plotnikov, as well as Head of Sergei Tipsters Mechanization and head of design department "Volgoproektstroymost" Valery Kotov.

"Such meetings of the international level are very important for communication, exchange of experience, acquiring new contacts with foreign colleagues. This allows any company to a new level - said General Director of JSC "Volgomost" Edward Jelieskin. - Discussion was held in business and at the same time a creative atmosphere. I think it was interesting and useful for our staff and for Estonia".

Estonian specialists  are very impressed of “Volgomost” scale constructions and shown a great interest in the unique experience of "Volgomost" and looked forward to further cooperation with professional specialists.

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