OJSC "Volgomost" at the International Investment Forum

OJSC  "Volgomost" at the International Investment Forum 30.09.2013

For the first time the venue was the Ice Palace "Big", located in the Olympic Imereti lowland coastal cluster.

Attention to the event this year is very  special because forum has more than 8,000 participants, including heads of almost all the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives from 40 countries. Active participation in the forum also took Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. From "Volgomost" on the international arena were CEO Edward Zhelieskin and Deputy General Director for Investments and loans Igor Chagaev.

The main objective of the forum – is the union representatives of government, business, academia and investors to discuss new projects and opportunities for Russian regions. At business meetings in the format of discussions and round tables discussed important aspects of economic development , integrated development of regions and transport infrastructure , attracting foreign investment. Regions , in turn, was represented by a variety of projects . For example, in the exposition of the Saratov region was represented airport project "Central" in the village of Saburovka , the 1
st  queue of the construction  "Volgomost" is doing from  the beginning of this year.

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